Monday, May 24, 2021

Why You Should Insure Your Pontoon Boat

You never know when a problem is going to arise with your pontoon boat, but there is peace of mind knowing that you are protected from any unexpected damages. Boat insurance is becoming more and more popular. New Hope Marine Charlotte NC highly recommends purchasing insurance alongside your boat.

Boat insurance is an important part of owning a boat and prices may differ according to your location and past driving record. However, there are two types of insurance boaters can choose from. Liability is the cheapest insurance option, which covers the cost of damages to other boats and passengers. This generally costs about $100 per year. Comprehensive coverage protects is a little more detailed as it protects owners from property damage, medical bills and injuries up to a certain dollar amount. Annual costs for this generally range from $300-$400.

These figures may seem like a small price to pay, but the expense of owning a boat causes some owners to forgo buying insurance. Pontoon boats are now made to do a lot more out on the water, which also means there is a lot more that could go wrong. Here are some other reasons why it is a good idea to purchase insurance for your pontoon boat:

  • Injuries – Turning a pontoon boat is not exactly the same as it is turning in a traditional power boat. Making too abrupt of a turn at a high speed could send passengers to the floor or even overboard. This makes everyone on board susceptible to injuries.
  • Theft – Boats are not equipped with the sophisticated alarm systems found in cars. Someone could walk up, hook your boat up to their hitch and drive off. The ease of this kind of theft makes boat insurance seem like it should be a given. 
  • Entertaining – A lot of pontoon boat owners like to entertain on while out on the water. In many instances, there is a good amount of drinking involved, making accidents even more likely to happen. Boat insurance will protect you from an unwanted lawsuit should a passenger have some type of unpleasant experience. 

State laws – Many states make it mandatory to have some form of liability insurance for your boat. Being fined for no insurance is another bill that you do not need.

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