Monday, December 28, 2020

How to Make Your Boat More Fuel Efficient

Boat owners have to contend with a lot of maintenance, which could wind up being costly. It’s always an advantage when boaters can save money and to help with that, here are some tips from to manage your boating fuel budget.

Buy Smart

If your motor calls for 89-octane, don’t buy 91-octane. It will cost more and you will see no difference in performance. It is also a good idea to stay away from filling up at a fuel dock if you are trailering your pontoon boat. Those prices are a lot higher than prices at your local gas station. Remember to fill up before you hit the water.

Keep the Bottom Clean

Over time, a lot can grow underneath your boat. As this growth of algae and other stuff accumulates, it creates more drag. If you trailer your boat, make it a habit of cleaning the bottom. And if you keep your boat in the water, there are services which specialize in cleaning the bottom.

Find the Right Cruising Speed

Going too fast will definitely hurt your fuel efficiency. When cruising, try to bring your pontoon boat up on a plane and keep it there. Decreasing your cruising speed by just a couple of knots could wind up saving you as much as 30% on the consumption of fuel.

Keep Calm

Motoring through choppy waters takes up a lot more fuel. If you have a choice of when to hit the open water, try choosing a day when it is calm. Not having to deal with rough waters will save you money at the gas pump.

Boat Smart

Keep your prop free of any gouges and make sure you have the right size, which includes diameter and blade area. And when cruising, remove the canvas from your panels to create less windage. You can also try removing the boat top altogether if that is an option.

Lessen Your Load

Simple mathematics tells you that the less your boat weighs, the less fuel it will use. Avoid any excess weight throughout your boat as routine checks can lessen your load. You can also drain your live-wells when heading back home as there is quite a few pounds of water stored up in there.

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