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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Importance of Major Brand Partners

There is a wide selection of choices in regards to boating parts and motors after choosing a new boat. No matter what you opt for, whether it be a slick fishing boat or more spacious Bennington pontoon boats, you will have plenty of motors and parts to complete the package. However, there are certain brands that come with a higher level of performance. New Hope Marine is proud to be an authorized dealer of some of the best names in the boating industry.

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Bennington pontoon boat
Mercury motors are some of the most recognized in the boating world. However, not all dealers are authorized to sell or service this type of engine. New Hope Marine boat service center has been a long-time authorized Mercury Outboard Package Dealer. That means that the technicians have been trained to service Mercury engines.

Not only do the technicians at New Hope Marine know how to service Mercury engines, but they are up to date on all the latest products offered by Mercury, which include gauges, controls, props and other boating parts. Any Mercury questions can be answered with ease.

New Hope Marine also carries Yamaha products, and is a Pre-Paired Performance Yamaha Dealer. With that customers can be assured to receive a top quality Yamaha product, which also comes with various warranties. Yamaha replacement parts are all available and even routine service is done with Yamaha lubricants and oils for an optimum amount of efficiency.

Honda is another top brand in the boating industry and New Hope Marine is an authorized Honda Outboard Package Dealer. Customers can place special Honda outboard orders through New Hope Marine, which is also a Honda Warranty Repair Center. That allows owners to bring in their Honda motor and their warranty will be honored accordingly.

While there are an abundance of boating repair and boat sales establishments to choose from, not all of them are approved dealers. Entrusting an unauthorized dealer to make repairs could lead to more problems. The bottom line is that not all service technicians have been trained and approved by the top brands in the industry.

Furthermore, not all service centers will honor motor warranties. New Hope Marine not only has the parts to honor those warranties, but it also has service technicians who are trained in the finer points of those particular motors.

When most people talk about the world of boating, some of the top brand names enter into the conversation. Yamaha, Honda and Mercury are common terms and at New Hope Marine, the entire staff is well versed when it comes to all of those top brand names. Plus, they have made it is easier than ever to place a boating parts request. Simply visit

Friday, May 17, 2019

How Defensive Boating Can Help Boaters

Defensive boating is a way for boat operators to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Too many times, boat accidents are caused by operators who are not practicing the necessary defensive boating procedures. Here is a closer look at how defensive boating can help you.

First, it is important to point out that defensive boating does not imply that operators always need to be completely on the defensive. It simply means that boat operators need to be aware of everything happening in and around their fishing boats. Prepared and reactive to potential threats. Anticipating problems before they actually occur can be a lifesaver out on the open water.

Stay ahead of the weather

It is important to always stay alerted to what Mother Nature has in store. That means continually monitoring the weather and keeping an eye out for any signs of a possible storm or rough waters. The best way to deal with inclement weather is to remain as far away from it as possible.

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Stay accountable

Whoever is captaining the boat is the one who is accountable for any issues. That kind of accountability applies to everyone in the boat as it is the job of the captain to make sure no one on board poses a threat with their behavior. Accountability also applies to knowing what to do in an emergency situation. Boat owners should always prepare for the unexpected.

Stay knowledgeable

When operating a boat, the person holding the wheel should be fully aware of all the laws and procedures. This could help out immensely when it comes to navigating through the proper channels and not running aground. It can also help with knowing who has the right of way on a crowded day at sea.

Stay up-to-date on maintenance

The proper functionality on a boat is essential to its overall safety. If boating parts or accessories are starting to wear out, don’t hesitate when it comes to repair. If something fails out on the water, it could quickly turn the water into a dangerous enemy of everyone on the boat. Being a defensive boater means being prepared to defend against the unforgiving waters.

New Hope Marine is ready to help you with any type of boat repair and maintenance for fishing boats and pontoon boats. Our team of factory-trained technicians will take care of whatever problems your boat may encounter. New Hope Marine also carries a large surplus of used and new boats for sale at affordable prices.

Friday, April 26, 2019

The Demand for Pontoon Boats is Increasing

Pontoon boats have shed their former stereotypes as the industry is being revolutionized. There are even some pontoon boat manufacturers that cannot keep their product in stock fast enough. The demand has grown so much that pontoon boats have become one of the most sought-after items in the marine industry. This has certainly been the case at local boat dealers such as New Hope Marine.

One of the reasons for this high demand is because of the universal appeal pontoon boats provide. A lot of that has to do with all of the room on a pontoon boat. Avid fishermen have been utilizing pontoon boats because they offer so much room for fishing, which is a tremendous advantage to anglers. Another advantage is the stability a pontoon boat provides fishermen, who are not looking to scare the fish away. Clean up is also easier after a day of fishing on a pontoon boat.

Family outings are also more enjoyable on pontoon boats because of the extra room. The high rails add a nice safety feature for families with children. And the flat hull on a pontoon boat makes it easier to steer right up onto beaches.

For those who are looking just to cruise around on the water, pontoon boats make perfect sense. The stability and size are great for hosting outings in which there is no fishing or watersports involved. A causal party on the water can be accommodated very well by a pontoon boat.

There is also the option of adding a motor that is powerful enough for activities like water skiing or tubing. A traditional power boat is no longer required to enjoy these activities on the water.

There has been a sense of style implemented with the new generation of pontoon boats, which has enhanced their appeal. That boxy, mundane, old image of a pontoon boat is all but a thing of the past. The designs have become so sleek that pontoon boats are now appealing to the younger generation as well.

All of the sudden, pontoon boats are trendy and hip. Many newer models even have luxury features that can make many people question whether or not these vessels are actually pontoon boats.

New Hope Marine carries a long line of pontoon boats including Bennington boats for sale Charlotte NC. There is something in stock for every boat enthusiast as New Hope Marine also offers fishing boats for sale along with boat repair and maintenance. Stop by New Hope Marine for all your boating needs.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How to Buy a Used Boat

Buying a used boat can be a very rewarding experience, although it does not come without its share of due diligence. It makes sense to shop around when looking at used boats for sale near Charlotte NC, but it also helps to follow some key steps along the way.

Establish what kind of boat you want

How you will use the boat plays a major role in deciding on which model to buy. That means you should narrow down your choices in terms of the activities you will be carrying out on your boat. Consider whether your boat will be used primarily for fishing, cruising or watersports, or entertaining.

Inspect the boat

Remember that buying a used boat comes with a cheaper price tag, but it also means there could be some wear and tear. Make sure to ask about the boat’s repair history along with any documentation of repairs. You can even hire a surveyor to come out and inspect the boat for you. Make sure you are aware of the potential cost for repair or replacement of older boating parts Charlotte North Carolina.

Do some research

It does not hurt to know the market. In order to attain a firm grasp of the boating industry, purchase some boat magazines, attend a local boat show, and familiarize yourself with the key terms and concepts involved in boating.

Consider resale value

When you have zeroed in on some boats that have caught your eye, take the time to compare their asking prices. Then, consider what the value of your boat will be in a few years as that is generally the minimum time it takes boat owners to sell their boats.

Make an offer

Every purchase of a used item is always up for negotiation. When boats are not new, you don’t have to pay the asking price. There is usually some wiggle room, so it won’t hurt to throw out an early offer or two and then let the negotiating begin.

Insure the boat

Insuring a boat is something that is often overlooked by owners. However, an investment of this kind should be protected right away. There are a vast amount of insurance options to choose from, most of which will fall well shy of one thousand dollars per year.

For a vast variety of used fishing boats and pontoon boats for sale, visit New Hope Marine in Charlotte North Carolina or Boat enthusiasts can also turn to New Hope Marine for all their boat repair and maintenance. New Hope Marine is your one-stop shop for new and used boats for sale, along with a whole lot more.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Boating Safety Tips

No boater ever intends to run into problems out on the water, although there are a variety of issues that could present themselves without a moment’s warning. That is why New Hope Marine store North Carolina emphasizes the importance of being prepared. Putting together the following list of boating safety equipment is a must for any boat owner.

boats on a stormy lake

Distress Signals

Every boater should make sure all the necessary distress signals on board are functional. This includes working flares, which are seen better at night while orange smoke is a better distress signal for daylight hours. In the event that you get caught in a fog, distress signals that make noise come in particularly handy. Make sure a working air horn or loud bell is on board.

Mount Fire Extinguisher

It is one thing to have a fire extinguisher on board, but you need to be able to locate it quickly in an emergency situation. It helps to mount your fire extinguisher in a location that is easily accessible. Should a fire extinguisher be needed, you want to be able to access it with ease.

Check Life Jackets

Whether it be two people on a fishing boat or ten on a large pontoon boat, you should have a life jacket for every person on board. Furthermore, each life jacket should be buoyant enough to keep people afloat. Life jackets that sit around for years can lose their effectiveness. Also, make sure to regularly check the straps and buckles on all those life jackets.

Radio In

Not all cell phones work away from land, so there is also a chance you will need to communicate by some other means out on the water. A boat that is equipped with a VHF radio is going to be able to call for help if needed. If something goes awry when you are out to sea or on a vast lake, there is an immediate means to call for help.

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Stock Emergency Kit

A first-aid kit can come in very handy, but only if it is stocked properly. Make sure your first-aid kit is up to par and it also helps to have a working flashlight on board. Your emergency kit should include some backup batteries for your flashlight in case you run into trouble in the dark.

When it comes time to buy a boat or request some type of boat repair and maintenance, New Hope Marine is your one and only choice. Also offering new and used boats for sale in NC, New Hope Marine has something for every boat enthusiast, including pontoon boats, fishing boats and more.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The New Era of Pontoon Boats

The days of the boring old pontoon boat are a thing of the past. No longer are pontoon boats just a pair of long aluminum tubes connected with a deck. Style, power and luxury have all become part of the new and improved brand of pontoon boats for sale. Here’s a closer look at what functions the new era of pontoon boats can serve.

Water Sports

The traditional hull that was part of speed boats has now made its way into pontoon boats. That makes it easier to steer and capable of going much faster. Both of those are very important when it comes to waterskiing or tubing. Pontoon boats now have the option of using motors with higher horsepower, which means they can move just as fast as other types of fishing boats.


Pontoon boats are made with a shallow draft that allows boaters to move into shallow fishing areas that might not be accessible with a power boat. There is also a good deal of stability that will keep a pontoon fishing boat secure in wakes, winds and strong currents. That stability could help immensely with productive fishing. The pontoon’s large deck also leaves plenty of room for passengers to fish. It also serves as a stable setting in which children can learn to fish.


Pontoon boats have upgraded to luxury models with sleek, comfortable seating options. There is also plenty of storage space to accommodate an all-day outing. Some models are even equipped with their own high-end grills. Entertaining out on the water is taken to a whole new level with the amount of luxury options available on pontoon boats. The add-on features are seemingly endless.


One of the main reasons that pontoon boats have recently developed such a widespread appeal is because of how well they handle. Tight turns are much easier and some models rise to plane in a matter of seconds. Taking out some friends for a day of fun does not have to resort to putting along at slow speeds. The modern pontoon boat handles well at all different speeds.

New Hope Marine in Charlotte NC offers a wide selection of pontoon boats for sale made by Bennington Boats. Our service also includes boat repair and maintenance for your pontoon boat or power boat. Check out our new and used boats for sale as New Hope Marine offers excellent boats at affordable prices.