Monday, September 17, 2018

Marine Industry Fights EPA’s Push to Authorize E15 Fuels

The EPA’s authorization of E15 fuels, which contain 15% ethanol, means a lot of potential engine problems for boaters. While the EPA has continued to back the use of E15 fuels, the marine industry is not backing down.

The reason for that fight is because ethanol fuel can do a great deal of damage to boat motors causing need for immediate boat repair. The approval of E15 is not only being opposed by boat owners, but by engine manufacturers as well. Boat owners are likely to experience issues with E15 fuels, which could mean costly repairs or even leave them stuck out at sea with no power.

Engine manufacturers also stand to lose a great deal of money due to the fact that they will have to make good on several warranties. They also stand to take a hit in customer service because they may not be able to validate all their warranties. The bottom line is that the use of E15 fuels could create a rift between boaters and engine manufacturers. Boat owners are becoming distraught over non-validated warranties while engine manufacturers are seeing their reputations tarnished.

The use of E15 actually comes down to a matter of dollars and cents. E15 fuel is cheaper, which makes it very alluring at the pump. However, not every boat owner is privy to the specifics of E15 and what it entails. The E15 fuel is basically made for cars equipped with flex-fuel engines, which are more advanced than boat engines. And every seller of E15 is not likely to take the time to post any kind of warning at the pump. Our staff at New Hope Marine Charlotte is ready to answer any additional questions.

The farming industry was the first to fight the approval of E15 and now the boating industry has joined that fight. Marine industry leaders have banded together in an effort to create the “Look Before You Pump” campaign. The campaign urges boaters to pay attention and read the fine print before filling up at any service station. Mercury Marine, an industry leader, has long since joined that fight as E15 fuel continues to be an issue that plagues the entire boating community. Efforts have also come from The National Marine Manufacturers Association.

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